The College of Problems of Drug Dependency holds 79th Annual Scientific Meeting

During the 79th College of Problems of Drug Dependency Annual Scientific Meeting in Montreal, Canada, Dr. David R. Gastfriend, DFASAM, Chief Architect of ASAM CONTINUUM® presented findings on improving care with standardized addiction assessments. Research findings from both the Los Angeles County’s Department of Health and the Massachusetts pilot of ASAM CONTINUUM Assessment tools were presented. In Massachusetts, CO-Triage™, an addiction referral tool, was tested in Opioid Urgent Care Centers. In Los Angeles County, researchers assessed the effect of training on the implementation of the ASAM CONTINUUM™ assessment. Massachusetts’s use of CO-Triage concluded that clinicians’ perceived the tool helped improve their professionalism in referring patients and enhanced clinical data organization. The results from the Massachusetts pilot indicated a strong preference for the CO-Triage® computerized assessment over a paper assessment tool. Findings in Los Angeles County concluded that training clinicians in the use of ASAM CONTINUUM reduced the total assessment time to approximately 60 minutes. Assessments conducted by clinicians not trained in the ASAM Criteria or ASAM CONTINUUM were on average longer. These findings play a key role to approaches around implementation and adoption of the ASAM CONTINUUM assessment tools with the goal of introducing these ASAM Criteria tools into large-scale, routine, clinical care. For more information about clinical assessment, reliability, valid placement, and utilization review, click here to see the research poster.