New ASAM Referral Tool Available

ASAM CONTINUUM® Triage (CO-Triage®), a new ASAM Criteria-based referral tool, is now available as of its April 6th release at ASAM’s 48th Annual Conference.

CO-Triage is a quick referral tool for healthcare professionals to help patients struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. The CO-Triage structured interview guides users in reviewing substance use problems, and major medical and psychological conditions, according to the ASAM Criteria Dimensions.

“Los Angeles County’s Department of Public Health asked us to develop CO-Triage,” said David R. Gastfriend, MD, chief architect of ASAM CONTINUUMThe ASAM Criteria Decision Engine™, chief medical officer and co-founder of DynamiCare Health, Inc., and scientific advisor for Treatment Research Institute. “It was a terrific initiative — to create a quick interview for Central Intake phone or in-person referrals, for a county of 10 million people. I was thrilled that ASAM was funded to produce this first enhancement to the ASAM CONTINUUM product line.”

ASAM members can use CO-Triage and quickly get the patient to the right place for a comprehensive assessment. In just 10 minutes, physicians can identify the best setting for the patient to undergo a definitive addiction assessment and care planning.

CO-Triage can help physicians better engage the patient and achieve better follow-up care. Even providers who are non-specialists in addiction medicine can interview and refer with an expert-level, patient-centered, motivational approach.

The CO-Triage report summarizes patient information and interviewer comments, structured along the six ASAM Criteria Dimensions for a clear perspective on the patient’s overall needs. When you assess with CO-Triage and send the referral report, clinicians at the receiving end will have an immediate understanding of key problems, needs, and resources, allowing care to start that much sooner.

CO-Triage is appropriate for clinicians, case managers, discharge planners, probation officers, first responders, EMTs, recovery support service staff, and other non-clinicians who are trained and supervised by an addiction specialty clinician.

“CO-Triage is becoming a huge success — right away, three cities in Massachusetts used the question sequence successfully — even in urgent care settings such as Boston Medical Center — to fight the nation’s opioid epidemic,” Dr. Gastfriend said. “With CO-Triage, clinicians generate provisional ASAM Level of Care referral recommendations — quickly, systematically, and expertly. It’s yet another way for addiction medicine to join the health-tech revolution that’s underway in modern medicine.”

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