What does the ASAM CONTINUUM Narrative Report include?

The ASAM CONTINUUM Narrative Report contains an automated narrative summary of the patient’s condition, derived from selected structured interview items and a clinical consensus algorithm. Please note that this report is not a replacement for individual provider assessment and sound clinical judgment.

The Narrative Report is a chart-ready, multi-page report that includes the following information:

  • The Cover Page – includes the patient’s ID number, name, and the date and time the assessment began and ended.
  • Medical, Employment, Alcohol and Drug, Family and Social, Psychiatric Sections – provide a narrative of the patient’s history, current presentation, and perception of problems and treatment need compared to the clinician’s perception.
  • Patient Perception Rating Graphics – compare the patient’s rating of problems to the patient’s rating of desire of treatment.
  • Addiction Severity Index Composite Scores – a graphical and numerical summary of the seven categories rated by addiction severity index including Medical, Alcohol, Drug Psychological, Employment, Family, Social and Legal.
  • ASAM CONTINUUM Problem List – breaks down the patient’s treatment needs by the six ASAM Criteria Dimension and helps inform the treatment plan.

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