Comprehensive ASAM CONTINUUM™ Orientation

Training Videos

To access a series of 14 training videos that orient users to the ASAM Criteria and ASAM CONTINUUM™ product line, please click here.

To access the ASAM CONTINUUM Product Line User Manual that orient users interviewers to use the family of ASAM CONTINUUM assessment products, including ASAM CONTINUUM and CO-Triage, please click here.

Training Video Topics:
  1. ASAM Criteria Decision Rule Logic and Case Examples
    1. Part 1: Implementing the ASAM Criteria Principles of Matching Services to Patient Needs with ASAM CONTINUUM [04:39]
    2. Part 2: Using ASAM CONTINUUM to Match Patient Needs to Services Case Example 1 [10:03]
    3. Part 3: Using ASAM CONTINUUM to Match Patient Needs to Services Case Example 2 [06:31]
  2. Conducting ASAM Criteria Assessments with ASAM CONTINUUM Products
    1. Part 1: ASAM CONTINUUM Product Interface Orientation and Clinical Assessment Training [20:20]
    2. Part 2A: Navigating CO-Triage™ Assessment [36:07]
    3. Part 2B: Interpreting the CO-Triage Report [04:04]
    4. Part 3A: Navigating ASAM CONTINUUM [15:58]
    5. Part 3B: Navigating the ASAM CONTINUUM Drug and Alcohol Section [22:40]
    6. Part 3C: Navigating the ASAM CONTINUUM Family and Social History Section [07:25]
    7. Part 3D: Navigating the ASAM CONTINUUM Psychosocial Section [07:46]
    8. Part 4: Interpreting the ASAM CONTINUUM Report [11:22]
  3. ASAM CONTINUUM’s New Biopsychosocial Narrative Report – Saving Clinician Time, Securing Patient Recovery
    1. Part 1: Overview of the Narrative Report [32:10]
    2. Part 2: The ASAM Problem List and Developing of Treatment Plan – Available [29:01]
    3. Part 3: Using the Narrative Report to Understand the Patient’s Perception of Problems and Treatment Need Compared to The Clinician’s Perception – [31:45]