Comprehensive CONTINUUM™ Orientation

Training Videos

To access a series of 14 training videos that orient users to the ASAM Criteria and CONTINUUM™ product line, please click here.

Training Video Topics:
  1. ASAM Criteria Decision Rule Logic and Case Examples
    1. Part 1: Implementing the ASAM Criteria Principles of Matching Services to Patient Needs with CONTINUUM [04:39]
    2. Part 2: Using CONTINUUM to Match Patient Needs to Services Case Example 1 [10:03]
    3. Part 3: Using CONTINUUM to Match Patient Needs to Services Case Example 2 [06:31]
  2. Conducting ASAM Criteria Assessments with CONTINUUM Products
    1. Part 1: CONTINUUM Product Interface Orientation and Clinical Assessment Training [20:20]
    2. Part 2A: Navigating CO-Triage™ Assessment [36:07]
    3. Part 2B: Interpreting the CO-Triage Report [04:04]
    4. Part 3A: Navigating CONTINUUM [15:58]
    5. Part 3B: Navigating the CONTINUUM Drug and Alcohol Section [22:40]
    6. Part 3C: Navigating the CONTINUUM Family and Social History Section [07:25]
    7. Part 3D: Navigating the CONTINUUM Psychosocial Section [07:46]
    8. Part 4: Interpreting the CONTINUUM Report [11:22]
  3. CONTINUUM’s New Biopsychosocial Narrative Report – Saving Clinician Time, Securing Patient Recovery
    1. Part 1: Overview of the Narrative Report [32:10]
    2. Part 2: The ASAM Problem List and Developing of Treatment Plan – Available [29:01]
    3. Part 3: Using the Narrative Report to Understand the Patient’s Perception of Problems and Treatment Need Compared to The Clinician’s Perception – [31:45]