Joint Commission to Standardized Treatment Evaluation

Changes to Joint Commission standards make ASAM CONTINUUM® a cost-effective solution organizations can use to meet new accreditation requirements. Starting in 2017, the Joint Commission will require the 2300 addiction and behavioral healthcare organizations it accredits to initiate standardized measurement of medical interventions designed to improve patients’ health outcomes, reports a recent Medscape article.

Under the proposed revisions to the accreditation standards, addiction and behavioral health organizations would be rated by key measures, including:

  1. Implementation of a standardized measurement tool to monitor treatment progress;
  2. Ongoing data collection and analysis during patient assessment; and
  3. Evaluation of data to demonstrate the quality of care and improvement in patient outcome.

Built into ASAM CONTINUUM’s platform is a standardized approach to tracking, organizing and analyzing patient data. Clinicians conducting an assessment with ASAM CONTINUUM automatically captures key patient health metrics such as ASI Composite Scores, withdrawal scores and risk ratings on the six ASAM Dimensions. Data gathered from the ASAM CONTINUUM assessment can be leveraged to report on patient progress and document readiness to transfer to other levels of care.

To learn more about the data captured by ASAM CONTINUUM and how it works, watch a February Webinar led by Chief Architect, Dr. David Gastfriend, FASAM.