Is Your System 1115 Waiver Ready?

In a webinar hosted by FEI Systems, Dr. Gary Tsai and Dr. Tina Kim from the California Department of Health gave an enlightening presentation which focused on LA County’s pilot of ASAM CONTINUUM, The ASAM Criteria Decision engine® and how it addresses the aspects of the 1115 waiver. The pilot also focused on opportunities with algorithm-based electronics ASAM assessments including CO-Triage®, satisfaction with ASAM CONTINUUM, clinical knowledge acquisition, and level of care determination.

Presenters provided the audience with a complete overview including shared research findings, joint clinical feedback, and lessons learned. Special guests Dr. David Mee-Lee, FASAM and Editor in Chief of The ASAM Criteria and Dr. David R. Gastfriend, DFASAM and Chief Architect of the ASAM CONTINUUM also joined, along with members from the ASAM California chapter. To view, slides from the presentation click here.

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