ASAM CONTINUUM provides counselors, clinicians and other treatment team members with a computer-guided, structured interview for assessing and caring for patients with addictive, substance-related and co-occurring conditions.  The decision engine uses research-quality questions (including tools such as the ASI, CIWA and CINA instruments) to generate a comprehensive patient report, that details DSM substance use disorder diagnoses, severity and imminent risks as well as a recommended level of care determination.

With ASAM CONTINUUM, clinicians can easily:

  • Conduct a comprehensive patient risk and needs assessment based on ASAM Criteria Dimensions
  • Determine the ASAM Criteria Level of Care recommendation
  • Obtain ASI Severity Subscale Composite Scores: Medical, Alcohol/Drug, Psychological, Employment and Legal
  • Complete CIWA and CINA assessments for withdrawal
  • Organize all critical information for effective managed care evaluations

ASAM CONTINUUM Triage (CO-Triage) is a quick referral tool for alcohol and substance use problems. The CO-Triage questions help clinicians identify broad categories of treatment need along the six ASAM Criteria Dimensions. The decision logic in CO-Triage calculates the provisionally recommended ASAM Level of Care (1, 2, 3, 4 and Opioid Treatment Services) to which a patient should proceed to receive an ASAM CONTINUUM™ Comprehensive Assessment – the definitive, research-validated, level of care placement recommendation.

CO-Triage can be administered either in person or over the phone in about 10 minutes. All questions captured in CO-Triage can be imported into an ASAM CONTINUUM Comprehensive Assessment. The pre-population of CO-Triage questions and the final report give receiving clinicians a preview of why the patient was provisionally referred to the particular treatment setting and can help speed up the comprehensive ASAM CONTINUUM assessment for definitive placement.

With CO-Triage, clinicians as well as other health care service providers can:

  • Make provisional ASAM Level of Care treatment recommendations
  • Easily identify ASAM dimensional needs that require immediate attention including any withdrawal management, co-occurring, or bio-medical enhanced services
  • Increase the likelihood that patients are referred to the correct ASAM Level of Care
  • Built from and easily synchronized with the research-validated ASAM Criteria comprehensive assessment tool

The first time the assessment is completed, an assessment could take up to two hours. The interview is designed to be easily broken up into separate sessions – even across days. After about 5 to 10 assessments, test user clinicians completed assessments in about 60 to 90 minutes. This time spent up front ensures that every patient receives a comprehensive assessment and furthermore saves time down the line. For example, during the testing phase, the managed care approval process went faster thanks to ASAM CONTINUUM assessment reports and there was a higher likelihood of care approval. Additionally, users reported that patients who received the ASAM CONTINUUM assessment were more likely to accept the recommended placement and less likely to prematurely leave treatment.

Finally, test users groups were successful at incorporating any additional assessment time into their practice. Several test user groups divided the assessment into multiple sessions; for example, starting with the section on the alcohol and drug problems and medical problems to secure information necessary to establish patient’s needs for withdrawal management (detox) and then having a follow-up session once the patient was able to complete the assessment. In some cases, test user-group clinicians were able to bill for an extended evaluation to cover the time spent.

In just 10-12 minutes users can conduct CO-Triage provisional assessments to help identify the best setting for patients to undergo a definitive addiction assessment and appropriate care planning. Assessments can be conducted in-person or over the phone.

Alpha testing was done for three years in ten centers across Norway. Beta Testing was conducted in Milwaukee County in their Central Intake Centers. The National Demonstration Project tested the software for six months in real-world, routine clinical practice with twenty systems across the US.

ASAM CONTINUUM assessment subscriptions cost at most $70.00 per end-user per month.

CO-Triage referral and screening subscriptions cost at most $20.00 per end-user per month.

It is common to be billed up front for an entire year of subscriptions.

ASAM is working with several health technology companies (typically companies that offer electronic health records systems) on a non-exclusive basis to offer ASAM CONTINUUM™ and ASAM CONTINUUM Triage™ to the public. A list of ASAM authorized ASAM CONTINUUM and ASAM CONTINUUM Triage sellers is available on the sales tab of this website.

Online training on the use of ASAM CONTINUUM and about ASAM’s criteria, the ASAM Levels of Care, the six ASAM Dimensions, is available in the training section of the website knowledge base. For other training questions or needs, please email

Yes, all ASAM CONTINUUM line products are sold separately. Please contact an authorized distributor for pricing questions and purchasing products. Visit the ASAM CONTINUUM™ sales page to contact an authorized distributor.

The ASAM CONTINUUM platform has been programmed such that it is readily translated into other languages. In fact, ASAM CONTINUUM was successfully tested in Norway and in translations into French and Norwegian. ASAM, the ASAM CONTINUUM developer, will be conducting surveys to determine what languages it will be translated in. To request a specific translation, please contact ASAM.

Research demonstrates that when patients are matched to treatment with ASAM CONTINUUM, they are more likely to engage in treatment. More than half of patients incorrectly matched to treatment dropped out, compared to about only a third of patients who were matched with ASAM CONTINUUM.