ASAM CONTINUUM The ASAM Criteria Decision Engine, Adds Instant Biopsychosocial Narrative Report – FREE!

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has partnered with ASAM and FEi Systems to develop an instant Biopsychosocial Narrative Report. The state has been introducing ASAM CONTINUUM in multiple regions to determine the Level of Care (LOC) that best meet clients’ needs. ASAM CONTINUUM has now been enhanced with an instant Narrative Report, which is suitable for communicating the patient’s status, needs and strengths among clinicians within a program and at referred programs. This patient-centered report includes the patient’s perception of the severity of their problems, and their desire for treatment. The Narrative Report is also useful for utilization review and treatment planning. Based on logic from the patient’s Addiction Severity Index (ASI) responses, the feature automatically generates a patient narrative and graphs to demonstrate patient severity, including psychological/psychiatric issues, and a detailed Problem List. The ASAM CONTINUUM Narrative Report also allows the clinician to add free-text clinical notes and comments during the assessment process. As of February 19, 2018, this enhancement is provided FREE OF CHARGE to current ASAM CONTINUUM subscribers.

For more information about the ASAM CONTINUUM Narrative Report, please click here.