ASAM Criteria evolves into electronic tool

ASAM Criteria evolves into electronic tool

By Julie Miller, Editor in Chief, Behavioral Health

Providers that have long relied on the book text for the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Criteria will be able to make a digital leap starting next year. In January, ASAM will premier its new decision-tool software for treatment centers and county programs.

And it’s not just a electronic version of the book text, but rather, it’s an interactive program that intelligently leads counselors and their patients through data inputs to arrive at level of care recommendations.

David R. Gastfriend, MD, chief architect of the software and CEO of the Treatment Research Institute in Philadelphia, says the digital leap is transformative because the criteria itself impacts so many stakeholders. It’s used worldwide and is a best-practice protocol in 30 states.

“The software takes the book, which is now 500 pages, and every decision rule in the adult admission criteria and implements those rules using research-quality question items and a precise algebraic equation to calculate the recommended level of care,” Gastfriend says.

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