ASAM CONTINUUM® is a family of products that allows clinicians and non-clinicians to assess patients with addictive, substance-related and co-occurring conditions through computer-guided, structured interviews.

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CONTINUUM and The ASAM Criteriaasam-criteria-textbook

The ASAM Criteria and ASAM CONTINUUM are companion text and application. As a comprehensive clinical decision support tool, ASAM CONTINUUM produces a 3 – 5 page report that organizes, treatment priorities and recommends the least intensive, but safe, efficient and effective setting. The ASAM Criteria text provides background and guidance for proper use of ASAM CONTINUUM, and ASAM CONTINUUM enables a comprehensive, standardized evaluation. Effective, reliable treatment planning for adults is enhanced by using the text and ASAM CONTINUUM together.

Support for ASAM CONTINUUM was provided by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

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