ASAM CONTINUUM is an electronic assessment that allows clinicians and non-clinicians to assess patients with addictive, substance-related and co-occurring conditions through computer-guided, structured interviews. ASAM CONTINUUM provides the entire treatment team with a computer-guided, standardized interview for assessing patients with substance use disorders and co-occurring conditions. ASAM CONTINUUM aids clinicians in conducting a full biopsychosocial assessment that addresses all six dimensions of The ASAM Criteria. The decision engine uses research-quality questions (including tools such as the ASI (Addiction Severity Index), CIWA (Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment) and CINA (Clinical Institute Narcotic Assessment) instruments to generate a comprehensive patient report which includes a recommended level of care determination.

With ASAM CONTINUUM, clinicians can easily:

  • Conduct a comprehensive biopsychosocial patient risk and needs assessment along all six ASAM Criteria Dimensions
  • Determine the ASAM Criteria Level of Care recommendation, including continued stay and transfer recommendations
  • Obtain ASI Severity Subscale Composite Scores: Medical, Alcohol, Drug, Psychological, Employment, Family/Social and Legal
  • Complete CIWA and CINA assessments for withdrawal
  • Speed up and successfully obtain managed care prior authorizations
  • See the ROI: better for patients, better for providers


ASAM CONTINUUM  Triage (CO-Triage) is a provisional referral tool for alcohol and substance problems. The CO-Triage questions help clinicians identify broad categories of treatment need along the six ASAM Criteria Dimensions. The decision logic in CO-Triage calculates the provisionally recommended ASAM Level of Care (ASAM Levels 1, 2, 3, 4 and Opioid Treatment Services) to which a patient should proceed to receive an ASAM CONTINUUM Comprehensive Assessment – the definitive, research-validated, level of care placement recommendation.

With CO-Triage, clinicians, as well as other health care service providers, can:

  • Make provisional ASAM Level of Care treatment recommendations
  • Easily identify ASAM dimensional needs that require immediate attention including any withdrawal management, co-occurring, or bio-medical enhanced services
  • Increase the likelihood that patients are referred to the correct ASAM Level of Care
  • Built from and easily synchronized with the research-validated ASAM Criteria comprehensive assessment tool
  • See the benefits: faster assessment, faster referral

Visit the ASAM CONTINUUM authorized distributor page to learn more about how to purchase ASAM CONTINUUM for use in your practice or organization. Also visit the ASAM CONTINUUM FAQs for answers to common questions.

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ASAM CONTINUUM and The ASAM Criteriaasam-criteria-textbook

The ASAM Criteria and ASAM CONTINUUM are companion text and application. As a comprehensive clinical decision support tool, ASAM CONTINUUM produces a 3 – 5 page report that organizes, treatment priorities and recommends the least intensive, but safe, efficient and effective setting. The ASAM Criteria text provides background and guidance for proper use of ASAM CONTINUUM, and ASAM CONTINUUM enables a comprehensive, standardized evaluation. Effective, reliable treatment planning for adults is enhanced by using the text and ASAM CONTINUUM together.

Support for ASAM CONTINUUM was provided by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

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